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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sound Healing at the Cambridge Center for Adult Ed

I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE it's been almost a year since I posted on this blog, but there you are. One of the new endeavors in my life has been my further involvement with music, specifically percussion, toning, the didgeridoo, and crystal sound bowls, to the point where we (Josh) formed an ensemble about a year ago, which we call SoundScapers. We perform at many different venues, from Senior Citizen Centers to Yoga Studios, and our music can be anything from wildly uplifting and joyous to entrancing and deeply meditative.

But our main focus lately has been on holding Sound Healing Sessions throughout eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This has been an outgrowth of my involvement in the hand drumming community--that involvement beginning about ten years ago, and becoming reignited about four years ago. Like many journeys, I didn't see sound healing as a destination-- but one step led to another, which led to another, and now we hold about a half dozen of these events a month. It's been amazingly rewarding and has introduced me to many wonderful people in a variety of fields. Many say vibrational healing will be the norm by the middle of this century. While it's nice to be on the cutting edge, what's more important is the service we provide people, a service which includes deep relaxation, self-transformation, and healing. Typically the sessions last 90 minutes. Our next upcoming sessions are Sunday, April 29, from 1-3pm, at the Temple to Music at Roger Williams Park, Providence, RI; Wednesday May 9, from 7-9:00pm, at the Crystal Cave, 50 Park Street, Medfield, MA; Wednesday May 16, from 7:15-9:15 at Deborah Capunao's Massage and Healing Therapies, 61 Albion Street, Wakefield, MA. We also hold monthly sessions at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, 56 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA, and the Reading Athletic Club, 1 General Way, Reading, MA-- dates for these sessions for the month of May are to be announced shortly. Here's a flyer for an upcoming event, with more details.

Sound Healing Session at the Crystal Cave
50 Park Street, Medfield, MA  May 9, 7-9:00pm
$20 per person      

Think about this: for tens of thousands of years, our ancestors' audial diet consisted primarily of bird song, wind through trees, rain on earth, and the speech of other humans and animals, either spoken or sung. All of these sounds of nature were wrapped in intervals of deep silence-- which, as Oliver Wendell Holmes noted, "comes like a poultice to heal the blows of sound."
The assault placed upon our ears in our modern world would be unimaginable to those who came before us-- and not only our ears. We are composed of organs and tissue that vibrate at various frequencies. Sounds, for better or worse, have a profound effect on our psychological, spiritual, emotional, and physical health, as they penetrate to our very core. We can easily be set literally out of tune by the cacophony that comes at us every day-- jackhammers and planes, trucks and motorcycles, traffic, television, radio, phones-- the list goes on. A Sound Healing Session gives us the opportunity to repair this damage, as we drink in restorative, exquisite sounds that still the soul and put us back into tune. Employing primarily seven Crystal Sound Bowls, each one tuned to one of the chakras (energy centers), we also use the human voice, guided imagery, the didgeridoo, and trance Native American drumming in a safe, welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Chairs/meditation pillows provided. Tibetan Sound Bowls, used for centuries in the East as a protocol for healing, are now being used by some cancer doctors here in the West. Bring your intentions, then let your mind, body, and soul be bathed in the healing tones of the hand drum, the didgeridoo, the human voice, and Tibetan Sound Bowls. We'll cover all the chakras, from the crown to the root, and shift and release dense energies to make way for healing, rejuvenation, and a new sense of balanced calm and vitality. You will leave feeling utterly renewed. Please join us for this unique event.
December 1, 2011

Sound Healing
Good Vibrations
When the vibrations of our physical and spiritual bodies are out of harmony it can cause disease.

Everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration, including our bodies. Sound is vibration that can be translated by the delicate structures of our inner ear, but it moves more than just those tiny receptors. It is part of the spectrum of energy vibrations that affect us on the mental, physical, and spiritual levels. Long ago shamans recognized the power of sound when they first used chants and drumming to heal people. In ancient Egypt, Greece, and India, the use of sound and music for healing was a highly developed sacred science. Sonic vibration has been one way of experiencing the energy of the universe for much of humanity’s history.

When the vibrations of our physical and spiritual bodies are out of harmony it can cause disease. Sound healing gently massages the molecules back into the right places, clearing blockages and restoring harmony. Ancient healing systems such as Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda associate specific musical notes with subtle-energy systems of the body, such as in yoga where particular notes of music correspond to each of the seven chakras. In Tibet, priests have long used bells and bowls over and around the body to tune and clear the energy centers. Chimes and tuning forks are other tools that have been used to heal not only the body but the energy in a room as well.

Knowing that sound has the power to heal, we should also try to remember that sounds from modern life can have a negative effect. Choosing silence over discord may help us maintain a state of equilibrium. As we seek soothing and harmonizing sounds to surround us, we may be doing more than creating a balm for the noise of the world. We may actually be performing an act of self-healing that connects us with one of the most basic vibrations of the universe.

1. Deep relaxation; 2.Improved sleep habits;
3. Pain relief; 4.Calmed nervous system;
5. Boost in self-confidence; 6.Disease prevention;
7. Regulation of the heart beat; 8.Quieting of the mind;
9. Deepened sense of self appreciation;
10. Release of blocks;
11. Improved creativity through brain entrainment.


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Biscuit Boy -

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