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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Too Adorable Not to Post!

OKAY SO THIS IS the latest Hayes, Will Edward Andrews, born last month to my nephew (and Godson) Teddy and his lovely wife Mary. I met him Sunday for the first time and he's a little angel. Mary sent this out today and how cute is this?????

And...speaking of Saint Patrick's Day-- the Irish have a proud and long (and, alas, bloody) tradition of fighting injustice and oppression, based primarily on their own experience under 800 years of British imperialistic misrule. The best way we Irish can honor our 'rebel' sires and dames is to continue to fight oppression today-- especially when it comes from our own imperialistic country. We still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq-- the latter was a mistake from the beginning, based on lies, greed, and the hubris of a ne'er-do-well son. The former is the very definition of a quagmire, and the perfect example of throwing good money after bad. These two wars have cost us 3 TRILLION since they began, and one can only imagine what we could have done with this money instead-- the infrastructure, universal health care, education, etc etc etc etc etc -- insanity. And Guantanamo is STILL up and running and STILL keeping people indefinitely without a trial...and Bradley Manning is STILL being held in solitary confinement...and the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest among us have become permanent....I saw graffiti the other day under a bridge in Cambridge, and it very simply said O B A M A = B U S H. There is simply no point in trying to 'reach across the aisle' and compromise with Republicans/Tea Baggers. Obama should have done what every Republican President has done lately, i.e., rammed his agenda through while demonizing the opposition. Oi. Anyway-- Happy St. Patrick's Day from Boston....


Blogger Nigel said...

What a wicked smile! He's gorgeous.

3:58 AM  
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