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Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello People,
In less than three hours' time, it will be March. Don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not sure I've ever looked forward more eagerly to a month than this one-- it was a long, challenging winter, and my usual panacea of walking five miles a day with the dog was severely impacted by-- not so much the weather, as blocked sidewalks, towering piles of snow at street corners, and other hazardous impediments. It seems many people, and municipalities, gave up on keeping sidewalks and other pedestrian ways open about midway through this very long winter.

And then I got sick, and a bad chest cold turned into pneumonia. Just starting to feel better now, but it's been a long haul.
But away with all that! March is upon us, and that means spring, not just on the 20th or 21st, but in our hearts and minds at various unpredictable moments. Like love, we all know when it happens to us. For some, it's when they spot/hear their first Red-Winged Blackbird; for others it's Big Night, when the salamanders move. Still others declare it isn't spring until they hear their first peepers, or wood frogs.
But for me, always and forevermore, it's the first peent, that magical sound the male American woodcock makes just before taking off for his sky dance. The woodcock carries spring on his back, and I'll be waiting for him in my secret woodcock spots beginning tomorrow nigh-- not that I'm likely to hear one for at least a week or two; but my earliest sighting was March 1 and, besides, hope is the thing with feathers-- the fact that I can go out and wait is gift enough, for now. I can wait for the peent.
Happy Spring, everyone.


OpenID berlinorama said...

My dear, I am so sorry to hear you had pneumonia! I hope you had plenty of folks taking care of you and walking Fionn.
Spring is also slowly arriving in Berlin, with hay fever as its advanced troops! Hazelnut pollen is making my eyes itchy, although the temperatures remain chilly. We did have several days of sun this week, which was glorious.
Poor Hutch has a kidney infection but the antibiotics seem to be working so I still expect him to live beyond his 18th birthday (16th of this month).
Happy spring!

9:08 AM  
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