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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Guests Blogger: Community Gardening in SanFran

THIS WAS SENT TO ME FROM MY DEAR FRIEND Allen out at Butterworth Farm in Royalston, a place I am very fond of peopled with people I am very fond of. It has to do with community gardens and it's a great story. Speaking of which, one of the features that Vision Landscape (my little landscaping business) will offer this spring and summer, besides the usual contemplative and water gardens, is the chance to help people turn their lawn into a vegetable garden. A lawn, the de rigeur trapping de luxe of Suburbia, is, according to some, the only truly American contribution to Landscape Design. Some municipalities, and many 'community associations,' have quite strident and stingent regulations stating that one must have a lawn, and that this lawn must be maintained. But several individuals have challenged these regulations in court-- and have always won. Though who knows, after the Supreme Court's ruling this past week on political contributions by any rate, we'll help people turn their lawn-- empty, unproductive places-- Dead Zones, really-- that dump poison onto and into the environment, into organic vegetable gardens. And if one doesn't wish to raise one's own food (although why that might be the case remains a mystery) one of the best things one can do for the environment is to simply let one's lawns grow out-- like a 60's hairdo, one might say. If you do, the fireflies will come back. As will certain species of birds. Try it. Be prepared to be labeled a weirdo. Welcome to the club!

Here's the link to Allen's friend's blog:


Anonymous Allen Young said...

Thanks for the guest blogger entry from San Francisco, a city as special as the Boston where you (Joe) came from. It's important for us to know about kindred spirits (a.k.a. "weirdos") in all the places where we dwell! It means a lot to me to "connect" the Bill Murphy mentioned in the San Francisco article with the Joe Hayes of the "This Thing Called Courage" blog. Bill, you and I just make a great threesome!

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Sean said...

Thanks for linking back to the post! And hey, here in San Francisco, "weirdo" is downright centrist. :)

5:01 PM  

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