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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Six Years Ago Today

(This came in today from one of the Peace Groups I belong to)

Six years ago today the U.S. invaded Iraq. It is staggering to reflect on the losses both Americans and Iraqis have suffered. A million Iraqis have died in the past six years; and, according to the United Nations another 4.2 million have been displaced. Their country has been decimated and their population splintered into armed political factions. President Obama has called for a partial withdrawal; but tragically, leaving a residual 50,000 troops in Iraq will only complicate the situation further. There is no military solution to the problems in Iraq. We must remind our new President that it is not enough to shift away from the failed policies of the former administration and that he promised a completely new direction. Today, at vigils around the country, people are asking the President to embrace his role as a revolutionary figure in American history by investing in peaceful solutions over military conflict. Thousands more have sent this message online. Click here to tell President Obama he can forge a new path for American foreign policy and he can start with Afghanistan.Almost 5,000 U.S. soldiers have died and thirty percent of those living suffer from debilitating post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to CNN, every day five U.S. soldiers take their own lives overwhelmed by PTSD, long deployments, and difficulty transitioning back to life outside of a war zone. The women and men who serve in our military are stretched too thin and now we are asking them to escalate another war for which we cannot see an end.Please send a message to the President to halt the surge of American troops into Afghanistan. Our country and our troops cannot handle an escalated war in Afghanistan. We need a comprehensive plan to address the challenges there; and there are many challenges. But, there are also many solutions: open diplomatic talks to create cease-fire agreements, infrastructure projects that create jobs, and community engagement to rebuild the relationship between our two countries. If you are sickened by the failed strategies in Iraq I implore you to contact the President today, on the 6th Anniversary of the war in Iraq, and demand he create a comprehensive plan for Afghanistan.


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