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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Miracle Jake Starts School With Brothers

This was a huge story in Ireland but didn't get much coverage here. We love stories like this-- from the Irish Independent:

Three’s a magic number as miracle Jake starts class with his brothers
THEY may have started school a month late, but thankfully the Howe triplets were able to do it together.
Little four-year-old Jake, who made a miraculous recovery after almost drowning while on holiday, yesterday joined his boisterous brothers Jamie and Josh for their first day at St Lorcan’s Boys National School in Palmerstown, Dublin.
It was a day their parents had feared might never happen after Jake lay in a coma for 11 days following an accident in a hotel swimming pool on the Spanish holiday island of Ibiza last month.
The boys’ mother Michelle had vowed that Jamie and Josh would not start school without their brother by their side.
And, despite Jake waking from a coma just four weeks ago, the trio were yesterday able to do just that as they trooped off together for one of the most exciting days of their young lives.
It was a busy morning in the boys’ Ballyfermot home as Michelle organised three sets of uniforms and also supervised the packing of three schoolbags.
“It’s a happy day but an anxious one at the same time,” she said.
“The first day at school is an emotional one anyway, but to be sending three of them off makes it harder, but obviously we are thrilled that Jake can go with his brothers.
“They are really looking forward to it as well, which is a help,” she added.
The family were on the first day of their holiday when Jake fell into the swimming pool at the Hotel Ola Cala Llenya in Ibiza. A lifeguard and a British marine holidaying in the same hotel were able to pull the child from the water and immediately began mouthto- mouth resuscitation.
He was later airlifted to the Son Dureta Hospital in Palma, on the neighbouring island of Majorca, where he lay in a medically induced coma for almost two weeks.
Michelle and the boy’s father Declan Molloy maintained a vigil at Jake’s bedside while his brothers were brought home to Ireland to be cared for by relatives.
Thankfully the youngster has made a good recovery from the terrible accident.


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