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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Outdoor Almanac

Outdoor Almanac Summer 2008

The Outdoor Almanac is excerpted from Mass Audubon's Sanctuary magazine, which is sent to members four times a year.


June 20 Summer solstice, longest day of the year. Celebratory bonfires were lit in many European countries on this night.

June 23 Gray treefrogs begin singing about this time. Listen for their birdlike trill on sultry days just before a rain.

June 25 Bullfrog chorus begins; listen for them at night by ponds in rural areas.

June 30 Check your garden for the fast-flying robber flies. They hover in midair and then zip off.


July 1 Daylilies are in bloom by this date; watch for them on roadsides along with other wildflowers. Most of the wildflowers you see by roadways (and many in fields as well) are nonnative species.

July 2 New moon.

July 5 Listen for indigo bunting songs.

July 7 Watch for adult toads in the garden. (Watch also for the tiny black baby toads on old dirt roads near water.)
July 8 Blueberries ripen.
July 11 Snowy tree crickets and katydids begin singing around this date.
July 14 Fireflies appear above meadows and overgrown lawns.
July 16 On warm summer nights, listen for the mournful wail of the screech-owl.
July 18 Full moon. The Buck Moon.
July 20 Cicadas, or seventeen-year locusts, may be whining in the trees on hot days by this time.
July 23 Meadowsweet and steeplebush bloom in old fields.
July 25 Shorebirds begin migrating. Watch for the flocks along the coast.
July 27 Look for the appearance of Indian pipes and beechdrops in forested areas.


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