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Monday, November 26, 2007

How to Really Support Our Troops

I know I must sound like a broken record sometimes, but the outrages being perpertrated (did I spell that right?) against our country and our troops are so colassal, so immoral, that they require nothing less than constant outrage and exposure in return, 24/7. They're assuming-- in many cases correctly-- that we the peoples just won't keep at them, and are much more interested in how many people went shopping at the malls last Friday.

But until such information as the following is on the front page of every newspaper in this country, and is the lead story on every news show on the mainstream media, I'll keep putting this stuff out there as often as I can. I'd rather write about other stuff-- like the fact that White-Crowned Sparrows in California's Tioga Pass area have changed their tune, literally-- mating songs recorded in 1979 are higher and faster than those recorded in the same area in 2003! Or, I would like to write about how the woods now, stripped of their (sometimes brazen) green flummery of summer, lie exposed and open and honest-- you can see their bones now. It's like watching someone you love sleep: all the pretension and agenda and nonsense that comes from daily interactions we may not necessarily choose are gone, leaving the beautiful person and you with a sneaky peek. I find both of the above (for example)fascinating, and would write more about them, but until these criminals running the country are brought to justice, I find myself forced to do otherwise. So, onward with the goods: (this is from one of my peace groups)

Support the Troops, Not Mercenary Money-Grubbers

This week the Cheney White House retaliated for not immediately
getting another 196 billion in emergency Iraq occupation bucks no
strings attached, by threatening to furlough 100,000 Army and Marine
Corps civilian employees in this country.

The Democrats passed a funding bill with some relatively flexible
requirements for a troop withdrawal goal, but it was blocked by yet
another mean-spirited Republican filibuster.

The fact is that the Pentagon has plenty of money for all the troops
to do whatever they want, but a lion's share of all appropriations
are now going to private mercenary militias like Blackwater. There
are as many so-called "contractors" in Iraq as regular members of our
armed forces. Has anybody suggested cutting back on any of them?
Maybe it's time somebody did.

We spend billions of dollars training our armed forces. And for what?
So that they can leave to go to Blackwater, who then sell their
services back to us at a massive markup, as much as 10 times as much.
What kind of crazy fiscal insanity is that?

With their furlough threats, they are literally holding our entire
military civil service for ransom! The only way to REALLY support our
troops is bring them home now, just as the overwhelming majority of
American are demanding, and as you can demand again now.

Action Page:

This is like the grinch on steroids. They should be bringing our
troops home for the holidays, not punishing the families of those who
serve by laying them off, in some sick attempt to put political
pressure on Democrats responding to the wishes of the American people
who want an end to the criminal Iraq debacle.

The American people have figured out that all these hundreds of
billions of emergency appropriations, year after year, are not going
to, and have never gone to, support our troops. Instead they have
been piped directly into the pockets of crony war profiteers, as
enabled for example by the tag team of Cookie and Buzzy Krongard, one
impeding investigations of Blackwater crimes, and the other sitting
on their board.

And yet, every time someone tries to impose some accountability on
this gross embezzlement of the U.S. treasury, they threaten to starve
our real troops, their families, and send them into urban combat
without even protective armor.

Oh, but it gets worse. In many ways, this is just another form of
foreign outsourcing, as now we learn that many thousands of these
"contractors" are goons that Blackwater is recruiting from countries
like South Africa and Chile. Then when they open fire on and mow down
innocent civilians, they claim there is no law or jurisdiction where
they can be prosecuted for their war crimes. And they have an edict
from former U.S. viceroy Paul Bremer to back them up, along with
immunity handed out like candy by our state department.

These mercenaries are poison for our own military. They decimate the
morale of our troops who see them getting rich for doing the same
duty as they are, while better equipped. They then further even
decimate the ranks of our troops, by offering them deals to leave the
service which our own military can't compete with, using our own
money to do it. And Blackwater and their ilk are poison for any
mission we thought we had in Iraq, when one of their foreign thugs
murders another Iraq civilian in cold blood just for the hell of it.

Tell Congress to end all mercenary contracts now. The privatization
of the military is absolutely the worst possible thing for democracy
and peace. It makes endless war a corporate imperative.

Action Page:

And once we stop fighting wars for the bottom line of crony
corporations, we can bring our troops home once and for all, until
they are needed for a real international crisis, not one created for
the profit of war criminals.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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