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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Art Show and Coyotes

I HEARD THE BEST SOUND TONIGHT. Me and Mister Fionn were taking Big Night Walk. I really love being outside on winter nights. As long as I'm dressed warmly enough, which I usually am, I feel I could stay out all night. I'm reminded of John Muir's comment, "I only meant to go out for an hour, but after being out for a while I realized that being out was really my being "in"-- so I stayed out all day."

I can so relate. We walked down to the Stone Zoo to look at the Santa's Palace thing they have there every year, from Thanksgiving until Christmas, with a Santa's Castle and old-fashioned Christmas music piped in over the tinny outdoor speakers and little merry go rounds and rides for the kiddies. 'Sanat's Reindeer' too of course, real live ones, and other winter mammals. It's unintentionally kitschy, but at the same time there's something very unspoiled and kind of wonderful about it. Anyway, the back of the zoo backs into a fairly wild section of Happy Land, and all of a sudden as we were walking by I heard this wonderful, bizarre, electrifying coyote howling and yipping-- a whole bunch of them just going off! I can't even tell you how thrilling that was. We bombed over to the part of the woods where the sounds were coming in (Fools rush in department) but Fionn wanted no part of it, and I suppose I can't blame him. Still we got much closer. We waited, and then they started up again.

Wow. That sound is really just the quintessence of wildness, of nature-- of freedom somehow, and resistance to the mall-ification of the world. It just thrills me. Go here and scroll down to 'coyote howl' if you want to hear it, but it was much better than this, as there were so many of them:

Also, this Saturday from 2-5 pm, December 1, I'm having my annual art show at Calamus. ("ART show? NUDIES!! No, just kidding, although there are some figure studies.) Most of the work is responsive to/illustrative of my writings. I'll have about 27 pieces in the show all told, much of it new, much of it from or about Map of the Harbor Islands. Please come if you'd like. Above are a few samples, you can click on them for bigger versions.


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