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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sunday Night on HBO

I DON'T HAVE HBO, but for those of you who do, watch 'Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq,' on Sunday night, September 9, at 10:30 pm. The documentary was supposed to be filmed at Walter Reed Hospital, but the powers that be cancelled the project-- it seems they'll do anything to hide the truth about this war-- especially one of the harder truths to swallow, that being what we have done to our young men and women, in the name of greed, corporate profit, and a hurbis so entrenched it's pathological.

The film interviews 13 former service members, and what the war has done to them. At the same time I was posting this, my Yahoo News headlines (there are always five, and they change once or twice daily) announced that 'Bush, Advisers, Favor Current War Strategy.'

Now look in the eyes of this young man, and see if you agree. How much longer can we keep looking away? Right now there is a young man or woman in Iraq that will be dead tomorrow; another few that will be rendered legless, or armless, or both, or blind, or insane. It's not at all about the war; it's not about benchmarks; this war was illegal, immoral, and criminal from the get-go. There was no reason for it. Now we all know that. The larger question remains-- what are we going to do about it?


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