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Monday, September 10, 2007

Spooky Halloween Thing

I CERTAINLY HAVE A WIDE AND VARIED CORRESPONDENCE. It's great to hear from people all over the world. Sometimes I will get something from a group asking me to come and speak about, or submit an article on, 'queer theory,' (whatever that is). Usually these kinds of invitations are enveloped in so much bewildering nomenclature that, if it doesn't demonstrate confusion on the part of the sender, certainly produces that on the recipient.

And then there was the message sent out from a bunch of guys on my old softball team about a floor hockey league they were starting-- someone responded (someone from Southie I might add): "that is a wicked hack league I played there once better wear shin guards," sans any kind of punctuation or further comment, and I found that sentence breathtaking-- so much so that it became the opening line of Lughead in my second book-- I basically wrote that sentence down and didn't stop writing until the story was done, some 40,000 words later. Of course Haworth in all its wisdom decided to insert about 10,000 semi-colons into this story (which was basically one long Joycean sentence) and we had Battle Royale over that-- the proofreaders failed to realize most people (especially those from Southie) don't speak in semi-colons.

Anyway I belong, or at least get messages from, this yahoo group called Spirit Fire, which is apparently a community that meets several times a year, with one huge annual hoo-ha, and they make a bonfire and drum and chant and then, for the rest of the year, process it. Right now the big concern is how much 'sacred silence' there should be around the sacred fire-- and the debate, believe me, has been raging. An interesting, intriguing message came in this morning from a member who is putting together a 'fire circle' to 'cleanse' a farm on upstate New York that has been the scene of several fatal fires, fatal fires which took people's lives but never injured any of the animals in the contiguous barns. Anyway here's the message, and I think if I were a writer of mysteries I would hot-foot it out there and attend this thing-- talk about inspiration! Here it is, in all its unedited glory-- as we learned a long time ago in the newspaper buisness, truth is really stranger than fiction. I might go anyway. So, if anyone is interested, please call Marla (number below) for more info or to tell her you'd love to come.

Hello to All!

I am really appreciating the conversation about the importance of
silence during the sacred circle. It is the one thing that I myself
discussed with friends after SpiritFire as something that really
should be nourtured.

I wanted to make the SpiritFire community aware of an event I am
putting together here in beautiful Warwick, NY. There is an incredible
historic horse farm in this town situated on 230 acres of land which
has generously allowed us to hold space on their property for a Sacred
Fire Circle.

Some of you may have heard of this is called Borderland
Farm. It may sound familiar because just this past Mothers Day 2007,
the magnificant 1800's Victorian farm house which was a landmark in
this town burned to the ground taking the life of the farm's barn
manager. What many people do not know is that on the same site the
original 1700's Colonial farm house also burned to the ground many
years before. Oddly, the barns which are right next to the homesite
housing dozens of animals, where never touched by the fire on either
occassion. It is many people's thought in the community that some type
of harm was done by people on this land maybe to Native Americans
which is why this tragic history keeps reliving itself in an effort to
remove the human presence but never harming the animals in any way.

It is our intention to do a ritual on the spot of the old homesite to
clear/cleanse the area...remove the destructive aspect of fire from
the spot...and take it to a new place on the property where we will
use it for good and celebration and honor it's power to heal in a
place where it has done a tremendous amount to hurt in the past. It is
our feeling that a tribal ritual on these lands will honor the spirit
of those who may have perished, release them and thusly bring a
harmony and balance back that is obviously very much needed.

This event will be held Saturday Night, October 20th. We will begin
with the opening circle and cleansing ritual at the homesite promptly
at 7:00...and then move to the Sacred Circle site to drum and dance
until 12:00 midnight...when we will celebrate the new day's arrival
and hopefully a new energy brought to these grounds. Everyone is
welcomed to stay and continue on drumming and dancing until the
morning...and of course you are welcomed to camp out overnight as well!

It is our hope to use this place next year for a weekend festival and
to continue to use it for years to come for this higher purpose.

Please, Please, Please come join us...we will be opening this up to
the community in general so that they may participate and heal as
well. There will be many people there who have never experienced a
Sacred Circle and so it would be great if as many people could come as
possible who are "veterans" so that these new people feel the power of
our beautiful tribal spirit!!

Any suggestions would be GREAT as I am literally putting this together
starting today....I would love to hear from a Shaman or
Priest/Priestess who would have advice or words of wisdom on our
ground cleansing ritual.

Thanks so Much....MANY BLESSINGS!!

Borderland Farm
340 Rt 94
Warwick, NY 10990
SATURDAY OCTOBER 20th.....7:00


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