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Monday, September 10, 2007

Powerful Video; Rain; Mychal Judge

THIS VIDEO SHOWS IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War) spokesman and Marine Liam Madden speaking in Providence, RI at a recent anti-war demonstration. He is currently being investigated by the Marine Corps for making 'disloyal statements,' for calling the war in Iraq a 'war crime,' which of course it is.

Interesting how the Iraq debate has been morphed over the years. First we were going in there, according to the gung-ho administration (none of whom had served themselves) because Iraq posed an imminent threat to us with their weapons of mass destruction-- a lie. When these never appeared (and Bush joked about it, looking under a table and blurting, 'Not under here, are they?' while troops and civilians died) the war was explained as 'we have to get Saddam.' Another lie, as they got Saddam but still didn't leave. Then it became about 'bringing democracy to Iraq.' Another lie. We have no business bringing death and destruction to another sovreign nation, at a cost of 1 trillion and 4000 troops (and counting) and 1,000,000 citizens. And who among us, watching the constant inroads this administration has made against our own democracy, would ever believe they love it enough to export it?

It's always been about the oil, and corporate profit. Many of us knew this before the war; many of us have only come to that conclusion recently. The Pentagon announced this weekend plans to build another massive and permanent US Base on the Iran/Iraq border.

This week the administration will try to buy more time with the General Petreaus report on the 'success' of the surge. The conversation should NOT be about the success, or lack thereof, of the surge; the conversation should be about ending this war which was wrong from the beginning, was wrong two years ago, and is wrong today. THEY LIED. The analogy I prefer to use is that of a man raping a woman. The rape hasn't gone as well as expected, so now we're talking about how the rape can be improved and carried to a successful conclusion. Keep the pressure on Congress, and watch Liam's video here:

We finally had some rain Saturday night, for the first time in two months. Unfortunately I missed it all, as I was ensconced in a movie theatre, but I could hear (even with my deafness) the booms of thunder. Call me crazy, but the sense of relief was palpable when I came home, and sat on my back steps. The earth, the trees, the bushes, my woods out back, everything had been crying out for water after two months of heat and drought. There was a peevishness in the air, a cry for help-- and that was gone Saturday night. I'm no biologist or even an arborist, but I know what I feel-- and I felt, again, relief that was palpable. The Native Americans knew the same thing-- the earth speaks to us. You could almost hear the sigh. We had more rain early this morning. More palpable relief.

Yesterday my new church, St. Cecilia's, showed a movie after services about Fr. Mychal Judge. The movie is 'The Saint of 9/11' and was exceptionally moving. They may show it again next Sunday at 12:30, at St. Cecilia's Church, Belvedere Street, Boston. You can watch the trailer here:


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