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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Barred Owl Hooting; NEW! Anyone Can Comment Now

Hi All, Earlier I sent out to some of you a link to a petition site at which you can register your protest against the Bush Administration's 'Recovery Plan' for the Spotted Owl (pictured above)-- which more accurately needs to be called an 'Extinction Plan,' as it allows loggers to clear-cut some of the last remaining stands necessary for this creature's survival. But commercial logging lobbying groups contribute heavily to Bush et al; Bush et al in turn ignore the laws. Pretty nice, huh?

Of course this new Recovery Plan is in violation of the Endangered Species Act (which the Bush Administration ignores at will, like most other laws that subvert their wishes).

PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK IN THE EMAIL I SENT to have this plan rescinded. It's really important that we keep up the pressure in the waning month's of this Administration From Hell's term. If you didn't get the email, but wish you had, let me know and I'll send it to you.

PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE to see/hear a great video of one of our local owls (it's not the Spotted, which is native to the Pacific Northwest), the Barred Owl, which I have heard on many the spring night. This is the one with the well-known WHO COOKS FOR YOU, WHO COOKS FOR YOU ALL? CALL. This gives a sense of the majesty, mystery, and haunting beauty of these amazing creatures. Millions of years in the making, millions of years in surviving-- only to be extermintaed by the greedy Bushies? Not if we can help it. Extinction is forever, but Bush is only 16 more months, TG...

BLOG NEWS: I've changed the settings so that anyone can leave comments now. Before you had to register and sign up for your own blog, which was a pain in the ass. I just figured out now how to change the settings...two years later. Oi. Also, just a reminder that any pic on the blog can be enlarged by clicking on it.


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