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Thursday, July 12, 2007

There's a Cardinal in My Bedroom!

AND IT'S NOT SEAN PATRICK, if that's what some of you were thinking. I was writing the other morning bright and early, about 8:30, and the birds were serenading me from outside my window. "Gee, that's awafully close," I remember thinking, hearing a cardinal chirp. Then I heard a flutter. I turned around and there was a beautiful red (male) cardinal, sitting on top of my curtain rod at the far end of the bedroom. He was chirping like crazy and somewhat frightened and of course Fionn had nothing to add to the situation but chaos. I think he must have come in through the hole in the screen in my kitchen window (just outside the window is a little roof, onto which I throw cracked corn and the birds come and get it.) He flew into the window pane in his panic and I thought, well, we can't have that. I opened the screens, pulled down the shades halfway, but he couldn't seem to grasp the idea that one had to fly low (somewhat) to get out the window. I finally abandoned this method, closed all the other doors, opened the back door, and eventually got him out to the kitchen, from whence he screwed like a bat out of...well, you know. But the whole experience was numinous and wonderful (though probably not for the cardinal.) This morning there was a squirrel in the kitchen but, this being a rather common occurence, I won't note it in any detail. I didn't realize I had cobwebs up on the wall until I just developed this pic on the of the advantages of being near-sighted I guess, as Hebzebeh Pyncheon could tell you.

Last night my friend Vonn and I attended the opening night of the free summer concert series on the Esplanade, at the Hatch Shell, where the Landmark Symphony Orchestra, backed up by the 100-voice strong something or other chorale group, gave a rousing rendition of Beethoven's Ninth. It was wonderful, and a very civilized way of spending a summer night. We took the T in, which was less than civilized though, and about 1000 degrees.

My garden is coming along out front, the garden that attempts to make peace with rip-roaring Main Street. Since this is its second year, the perennials are really starting to do their thing-- the old saw about perennials being, the first year they sleep, the second year they creep, the next year they leap, so they should be leaping a year from now. The Hyperion Daylilies and the various Echinacea are coming into bloom now. I'll post some pics in the next entry. And, my tomatoes are sprawling like crazy, and needed more staking today. I only planted the cherry variety this year, as I love them best of all, and eat them by the dozen when they come. There's hundreds on there already, nice and green-- maybe two weeks away from the first batch. I planted some French beans two weeks ago and only five came up out of a whole row-- granted, the seed was several years old, and, I believe, had been left out over the winter, which doesn't do any seed much good. I guess I forgot that. I still want to plant more (new seed needed) as well as a late crop of broccoli and some pole beans. The garlic (next year's crop) will go in come October. I still haven't raided the garlic down street at the abandoned gay house, but mean to check it out soon, as it should be ready within the next week or two, if it isn't all overgrown.


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