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Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Bush Cover-Ups

THIS STORY HAS BEEN GETTING MORE AND MORE ATTENTION lately, and deservedly so. Just what happened to Pat Tillman, the former NFL star who, with his brother, signed up to go fight in Vietnam? Duid the fact that he erad Norm Chomsky and allegedly have an appointment with him have anything to do with his death? More importantly, WHY is president Bush claiming 'Executive Privelege' in refusing to release the truth? Can we impeach yet?

This appeared originally on the Huffington Post, and is written by a veteran. Some comments from readers appear after Mr. Stolz' article.

The Huffington Post

Time for President to Come Clean on TillmanPosted July 28, 2007 | 11:09 AM (EST)


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The worst way you can further exacerbate the pain survivors of a fallen soldier feel, is to keep them wondering why and how their loved one died. Now past three years since former NFL star Pat Tillman died in Afghanistan, his mother, Mary Tillman, and her family do not have answers. Unfortunately, documents meant to put the investigation into his death to rest are only bringing up more painful questions, rather than calming them. What's worse is that the case could start to have serious repercussions with internal confidence in the Armed Forces.

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that among the files on the case that the news agency obtained were details of Army medical examiners being unable to convince the military to look into whether Tillman was intentionally killed. According to the documents, the wounds they found were inconsistent with the government's original official story that Tillman was cut down by Afghan fighters and looked more like he was killed by an American M-16 just a mere 10 yards away.

After an investigation, the government changed the story -- that Tillman was a victim of friendly fire, an honest mistake, because he was mistaken for the enemy. The recent revelations now cast this conclusion into serious doubt. You don't mistake someone from 10 yards away. But, was it murder or negligence? Was this a deliberate homicide?

President Bush is not helping at all. With these new details, and his decision to invoke executive privilege in the Tillman investigation, the president is certainly sending the signal that he has something to hide.

It is inevitable, then, that unless the president comes clean, rumors about Tillman's death will take hold. By stonewalling, there is no way to stop people from wondering, "Was the man the White House used to promote the war ordered to be killed because he was becoming increasingly critical of the war in Iraq?" It was well known that Tillman was critical of the decision to go to war, and had often read and quoted Noam Chomsky. I don't personally believe such a conspiracy to be the case, but until the president comes clean, rumors like that will continue to grow. Every officer knows that if a soldier in their command is killed they must write the family and tell them the truth, for exactly that reason. Why can't the man who sent Pat Tillman to war, and used his death for political gain, have the courage to tell a family what happened to their son?

Ultimately, besides causing unfair pain to the Tillman family, the president is perilously close to doing severe damage to the military with his bullheadedness. If America looks at the Tillman case and concludes that the military cannot be trusted to tell the truth and take care of its own, and that the White House is an enabler of that behavior, public confidence in our fine military will wane.

Recruiters rely on the family members like mothers and fathers to allow their 18-year olds to sign up. The longer this festers and the longer questions linger, these families and our young people will lose their will to serve our country. Who gives their child to country that doesn't honor their sacrifice? We don't need new hurdles to recruiting like that, at a time when we desperately need to increase the size of our active duty component. Additionally, those already in the military will lose faith that the leadership actually gives a damn about them, as the Tillman case becomes a hot topic in chow halls. Morale and confidence in the institution will crumble.

In the Army, we have a saying: Good units have problems, but great units fix them. In other words, we're largely judged in the military by how we are able to step up, accept responsibility, and correct problems, because problems that are allowed to fester are unacceptable. Unfortunately, the Tillman case just extends the pattern from this president of being unwilling or unable to step up and fix problems.

In that sense, this president, everyday, firms up his legacy as the worst Commander-in-Chief this nation has ever seen.

(Crossposted at ThinkProgress)

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wolf58 (See profile | I'm a fan of wolf58)
You are asking a man with no honor, no sense of duty to country to come clean. We know that wont happen, everything and everybody is to blame in Bush land all except Bush. This man uses the military when ever he feels the need for a photo op, the American public don't know that military who attend his speaches are ordered too nor do most know they can't say anything about the commander in chief because he is part of their chain of command. Tillman's family may never know the truth about their son but one thing is for sure with Bush claiming once again executive privilege the rummors will fly and fingers will be pointed. Our leader (king Bush)is a fool and we as Americans are bigger fools by keeping him in office. A veteran
Log in | posted 11:27 am on 07/28/2007
dadw5boys (See profile | I'm a fan of dadw5boys)
Bush clean?
You couldn't get Bush clean with a sandblaster!
Let BUSH and CHENY take Tillman place with that same SQUAD and see if they survive!
Log in | Parent | posted 04:25 pm on 07/28/2007
CaseyBabes (See profile | I'm a fan of CaseyBabes)
How easy it is to take every problem faced in this world and turn it around to blame President Bush. An honorable man was killed in Afghanistan and the circumstances came into dispute. Then the dispute was clouded by various bad decisions and indecisiveness. What eventually became a settled case has again been raised. Nowhere in this chain has President Bush been directly involved, maybe back channel to try to get a bona fide settlement. Now we read that it is all President Bush's fault and that his failed leadership endangers the entire military. What has happened to the fiber of this country that a learned individual can forcefully intend to influence others with such cockamany? What is hard to accept is the realization there is a willing dem following of diseased minds clinging to every venomous passage. Indeed, President Bush must be responsible for protecting this country against a shadowy enemy while at the same time resisting the strong undermining of his efforts from the very dangerous and out of control democrat party.
Log in | Parent | posted 04:40 pm on 07/28/2007
Independent_voter (See profile | I'm a fan of Independent_voter)
Bush could defuse this entire issue by releasing the documents relating to Tillman's loss. But fearless leader would rather hide under the cloak of darkness than have the American People know the truth.

If it is the case that the truth will set you free, and all we get out of the whitehouse is BushShit and obfuscation; then where are we? It is time to demand accountablity.

Bush makes Nixon look like an honorable man.

Log in | Parent | posted 05:38 pm on 07/28/2007
cato12345678 (See profile | I'm a fan of cato12345678)

My spirit told me long ago that Tillman was murdered. The author of this article, Jon Soltez, may not be willing to believe Tillman was murdered but of course he is voicing the unspoken thoughts of even the Congressman who are currently investigating Tillman’s death.

C'mon, the group of soldiers are ordered into a barrel like canyon, via radio by an officer that is not with the group; despite the commander on the ground request that they turn back because one of their vehicles conveniently dies and it leaves the group unprotected; the Tillman brothers are then separated I believe Tillman's younger brother's group stayed with the vehicle and later followed behind so that left Tillman at the mercy of whomever was gunning for him.

When Tillman’s unit began getting fired upon from the top of the canyon and Tillman and an Afghan interpreter (who was also killed) had some how made their way further up the canyon away from their unit, then they were fired upon by their own unit according to CNN. Tillman yelled and was heard by other soldiers, including one inside the tank that was firing on him, and that soldier tried to stop the gunner on top of the tank but the gunner ignored the solider inside of the tank and of course killed both Tillman and their Afghan interpreter.

Then the cover-up begins with even Tillman's diary being destroyed and that’s where Noam Chomsky comes in because supposedly some of Tillman’s thoughts and plans to meet Noam Chomsky were recorded in that diary, and for some reason the soldiers felt compelled to burn that diary along with Tillman’s body.

As long as President Bush keeps covering things up, then yes, he's responsible for Tillman's death.
Log in | Parent | posted 07:05 pm on 07/28/2007
simpleshepard (See profile | I'm a fan of simpleshepard)
You sir are simply deluded to believe that Bush does not know exactly what happened to Pat Tillman. The only party that has been dangerous and out of control has been the Republican party that has dragged us into Iraq turned it's back on constitutional accountability and given the likes of you and your blood-thirsty counterparts a free hand to wreck havoc and destruction on a country that had nothing at all to do with terrorism. Osama Bin Laden is still at large. We have nearly 200,000 mercenaries at work in Iraq who are also accountable to no one. When the Democrats go out of control they end up taking care of too many poor people and overdoing it on cleaning up pollution and maybe stopping a real ethnic cleansing like Serbia. When the Republicans loose control we have Katrina, The Iraq War, an insane right wingnut stacked Superior Court, rampant abuse of the Judicial system, LIes, Lies and more Lies, Cronyism, neglect of true national security in the way of not following any of the recommendations made by the 911 commission, selling off of public land, Halliburton stealing from the American people, more Lies, obfuscation and secretism from the White House, hundreds of thousands of people dead, and people like you walking around and saying anyone who calls you out on your Bushshit is unpatriotic. I'll take a Democrat over one of your type of Rethuglicans any day of the week. You guys are over. Your out of shape we can kick your asses in any sport, we are smarter than you and we get laid a lot more than you without ever having to pay for it. You guys are just a bunch of BBQ loving, gun guzzling, sore losers, whinners and baby-men. If Bush and you guys weren't to blame than everybody wouldn't be blaming you.
Log in | Parent | posted 08:41 pm on 07/28/2007
baylaw73 (See profile | I'm a fan of baylaw73)
"What is hard to accept is the realization there is a willing dem following of diseased minds clinging to every venomous passage."
Whatever truth may be in the point you are trying to make, this kind of wild accusation and vitriolic language is as much a part of the problem as anything. Accusing the Democrats of undermining Bush is just foolish. It reeks of paranoia, and I'm sure if you had valid points and facts to back them up, you could find a less destructive way of expressing yourself. The fact that we cannot acheive consensus that Bush is a terrible, TERRIBLE President is itself a shame. Policy argumetns are not the same as arguing the implementation of the policy, and it is beyond reasonable argument that Bush's implementation has been a disaster. Unless one is willing to ignore the truth.
Log in | Parent | posted 01:56 pm on 07/29/2007

AnotherunhappyDemocrat (See profile | I'm a fan of AnotherunhappyDemocrat)
"Why can't the man who sent Pat Tillman to war, and used his death for political gain, have the courage to tell a family what happened to their son?"

Because your commander-in-chief is a coward! Pure and simple! Bush is a coward! And anyone who believes that Bush, Cheney and the rest of these cowards care about the men and women dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, is a fool.

Impeachment now!
Log in | posted 11:38 am on 07/28/2007
AsaNisMasa (See profile | I'm a fan of AsaNisMasa)
you know what? i don't want to sound like a conspiracy nut...but this has the makings and just feels like a murder/coverup to shutup a dissident and use him for propoganda purposes.

first you have to ask yourself, is this something that COULD be ordered the DoD under Rumsfeld or even higher up? is it plausible to make the leap from accident to murder with what we know about the powers that be? I don't think its a stretch at all to come to that conclusion.

Furthermore, its not as if this kind of thing is unheard of from our own government. From the Tuskeegee expirements to supporting coups, assassinations of foreign leaders (South Vietnam during the war, anyone?) Agent Orange, etc.

Log in | posted 11:54 am on 07/28/2007
kellygrrrl (See profile | I'm a fan of kellygrrrl)
I've already made the leap from accident to murder and am just shy of the leap to conspiracy. This gives me chills!
Log in | Parent | posted 02:28 pm on 07/28/2007
foghornleghorny (See profile | I'm a fan of foghornleghorny)
This administration would conspire to disenfranchise just one voter or to discredit just one democratic politician.
It's what they do all day - conspire to find ways to maintain the illusion of governance through lies, stonewalling, and cronyism.
Who's going to rat on this administration when they are begin promoted and/or given fat contracts?
Log in | Parent | posted 03:07 pm on 07/28/2007
Independent_voter (See profile | I'm a fan of Independent_voter)
You only have to look at Operation Northwoods to see what the pentagon is truly capable of.
Log in | Parent | posted 05:40 pm on 07/28/2007
MetalCanuck (See profile | I'm a fan of MetalCanuck)
You are right, people like to ignore reality as you can see by cons and libs.
Log in | Parent | posted 07:30 pm on 07/28/2007
illinoisan (See profile | I'm a fan of illinoisan)
I don't go in for conspiracy theories normally but the link in paragraph 4 to for the "decision to invoke executive privilege for the Tillman investigation" is broken.

How convenient.
Log in | Parent | posted 06:32 pm on 07/28/2007
Colmore (See profile | I'm a fan of Colmore)
Tillman was famous. Imagine if he had been a working class family's son. They would have had to accept the original report, with no protest or investigation. I have had two husbands who were in the military, one awarded the Purple Heart. He wanted to send it back to Washington, having lost faith in this country's "leaders" When military men such as Colin Powell "go along to get along" and do not have the courage to step up to the plate, refusing to do the right thing, the country is doomed. Powell read his speech to the UN, threw it down said "This is bulls--t" but was convinced to go read it anyway, only with Tenet along. Where are the courageous leaders the country used to have? Does this administration blackmail people? It seems to be the only explanation for what is going on.
Log in | posted 12:08 pm on 07/28/2007
raptor (See profile | I'm a fan of raptor)
If you see any statesmen (no, not politicians) on the skyline, call out and let off a flare.
Log in | Parent | posted 02:54 pm on 07/28/2007
Danny (See profile | I'm a fan of Danny)
"Does this administration blackmail people? It seems to be the only explanation for what's going on". To me, also IT SEEMS TO BE THE ONLY EXPLANATION FOR WHAT'S GOING ON.
Log in | Parent | posted 05:30 pm on 07/28/2007
ebbtide (See profile | I'm a fan of ebbtide)
Recruiters rely on the family members like mothers and fathers to allow their 18-year olds to sign up. The longer this festers and the longer questions linger, these families and our young people will lose their will to serve our country. Who gives their child to country that doesn't honor their sacrifice? We don't need new hurdles to recruiting like that, at a time when we desperately need to increase the size of our active duty component.

I agree with most of your statement, except the above. Parents need to learn to NOT turn over their precious child to serve a country which is actively fascist and is now defending it's "empire", not the United States. This aggressiveness led us to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq 1 with it's own lies and now this f **ck up where our troops, being brave and noble, have killed, either from the air or on the ground, hundreds of thousands of damn innocent people on LIES Do you really think parents who are the least bit interested should turn over their child to this type of empire seeking? And call it something like "patriotic" or "noble" ?
Log in | posted 12:16 pm on 07/28/2007
dryfactoidobotanoid (See profile | I'm a fan of dryfactoidobotanoid)

the hitmen shot him in the leg and the hand first, then walked up to him and "fragged" him in the forehead. definitely an execution, assassination, murder, whatever you want to call it.

and it's ridiculous what some people are saying, that he was killed out of "jealousy" (wtf?), or talking jive or whatever, like that's not part of military culture.
Log in | posted 12:22 pm on 07/28/2007
Soulsurfer (See profile | I'm a fan of Soulsurfer)
Thanx for the YouTube link, I knew I had seen that report somewhere the last week or so.....MSM just doesn't get it. Check out all of Greg Palast's reports in the BBC, Guardian and Observer over the years, that nary a whisper finds its way to the American press. Once I started traveling extensively, and reading foreign press and news services, it really opened my eyes. No wonder Americans are so ignorant about what their government does in their name. How do you combat ignorance on this kind of a scale, especially from people who don't want to know if their country is screwing foreign people and governments?
Log in | Parent | posted 01:29 pm on 07/28/2007
fetchezlavache (See profile | I'm a fan of fetchezlavache)
The Bushies are forever exhorting us to Support Our Troops. Let us support them, and the military as a whole, by demanding the truth of this tragedy. There is NO reason for Bush to claim executive privilege in this matter unless he is covering up something very, very serious. And any parent who encourages his or her child to enlist at the present time is just not paying attention to the way our brave and patriotic enlistees have been treated. The military is one of the most honorable vocations; wait to join up until it is treated as such by our national "leaders".
Log in | posted 12:24 pm on 07/28/2007
Joeseo (See profile | I'm a fan of Joeseo)
Looks like murder to me. Executive privilege? My God! This liar hasn't any integrity.

Tillman was a REAL American. A real American would scare the living shit out of fascists like Bush/Cheney and the so called "leaders" of the Pentagon. It sure looks like these guys turned to cowardice and lies in response to a genuine American.
Log in | posted 12:43 pm on 07/28/2007
lisakaz (See profile | I'm a fan of lisakaz)
This president have courage?! Are you kidding? He's a bully and he doesn't recognize truth nor honor it. Secrecy is everything to him.

You're right that it is the duty of this administration to tell a mother why her son died and to say so truthfully. What you need to add is that by not honoring this sacred trust, Bu$h looks like either a conspirator after-the-fact or the perp who ordered a "hit." We don't know which one he is yet but I hope Congress can shine the full light of day on this. The Tillmans and all of America deserve to know and any guilty parties deserve to be exposed and severely punished. One demotion just doesn't cut it.
Log in | posted 01:05 pm on 07/28/2007
ReasonIsMyReligion (See profile | I'm a fan of ReasonIsMyReligion)
Per recently released Army coroner info:

No evidence of enemy fire on US equipment or other men.

Three shots to the forehead, similar to what a high rate-of-fire assualt weapon would do AT CLOSE RANGE.

Log in | posted 01:14 pm on 07/28/2007
doneflyin (See profile | I'm a fan of doneflyin)
This guy was fragged, pure and simple.
For propaganda purposes, because he was going public with his opposition to the war, because they could, who knows.
His family stated that he had corresponded with Chomsky and the NeoCons hate Chomsky.

He was taken out. Don't put anything, I mean anything past these thugs who want to rule America.
Pelosi said awhile back that we only know about 10% of what they have been up to.
What is known is only the tip of a very large iceburg.
Log in | posted 01:25 pm on 07/28/2007
jimmyaj (See profile | I'm a fan of jimmyaj)
Bush will never come clean on anything. That's why we need impeachment, to bring all this stuff out.
Log in | posted 01:31 pm on 07/28/2007
Soulsurfer (See profile | I'm a fan of Soulsurfer)
The doctor was suspicious of the closeness of the 3 bullet holes in his head, fired from close proximity. HMMMMMMM, yes, since they were M-16 rounds, that could be termed as suspicious.
Log in | posted 01:32 pm on 07/28/2007
SheepleShepherd (See profile | I'm a fan of SheepleShepherd)
Log in | posted 01:32 pm on 07/28/2007
jmpurser (See profile | I'm a fan of jmpurser)
That's the problem of having a president in favor of torture "when it's for a good cause". Apparently Bush decided that lying to the Tillmans was "for a good cause" therefore torturing them over their son's death is all part of the game.
Log in | posted 01:36 pm on 07/28/2007
bullypulpit (See profile | I'm a fan of bullypulpit)
Tillman was a gung ho type who pissed off his fellow soldiers, so one or more of them fragged him. Same stuff took place in Vietnam. His death was no accident.
Log in | posted 01:37 pm on 07/28/2007
Danny (See profile | I'm a fan of Danny)
An investigation revealed that Pat Tillman was well-liked, respected and admired by his fellow soldiers. Go away, you BullyPulpit hate mongerer.
Log in | Parent | posted 05:33 pm on 07/28/2007
ReasonIsMyReligion (See profile | I'm a fan of ReasonIsMyReligion)
Lying and dying.
Lying and dying.
Lying and dying.

At the current rate, 1500 - 2000 more Americans will die in Iraq by the end of El Busho's reign.

*** Support the Troops -- Impeachment NOW ***
Log in | posted 01:53 pm on 07/28/2007
BuckBurris (See profile | I'm a fan of BuckBurris)
Lying and dying, OK.
But the ones lying aren't dying,
and the ones dying aren't lying.
Those lying aren't even crying.
And some are laughing all the way to the bank.
Halliburton, anyone?
Record oil profits. And our favorite friend is happy.
Are you some kind of anti-American that you object?

Log in | Parent | posted 06:49 pm on 07/29/2007
sheila (See profile | I'm a fan of sheila)
no disrespect, but hunh?

good lord, darlin', your loyalty is commendable, i guess, but ain't it time the blinders come off?

you and your compatriots have been consistently lied to about the reasons for "war"; denied the manpower and equipment required to survive an illegal misguided war, waged only to enrich bush's cronies (including the terrorist state of Saudi Arabia who coincidentally is spending $20 billion of its hard-earned-market-manipulated oil dollars with US arms dealers, in order to arm the insurgents murdering your friends); had most of the money that could have gone into protecting you flow to mercenaries who earn 3 times your salary with no accountability; been abused and neglected by the VA system; been exploited as a symbol of this despicable conflict, by linking support for troops with support for the Imperial Presidency and its killing/profit machine; been assassinated when your agenda does not suit that of Halliburton/Exxon/etc.; been grossly endangered by the lowering of recruitment standards, over-extended deployments and pathetically inadequate training given new recruits, not to mention the lack of assistance for those among you human enough to suffer PTSD; been asked to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians against the will of the American people, purely for the profits and power-trips of the looney draft-dodgers in the white house; i mean, need i go on?

we hardly need more "confidence" in recruitment or in the military industrial complex, which recently has only fought to enrich America's elite, harming real Americans. at what point does our military stand up for what is right and just and everything that is good about America and say "enough already! you are not a commander-in chief, you are a draft-dodging, war-profiteering traitor who should be put on trial for war crimes and racketeering. the military exists solely to protect America from her enemies, and you, sir are Enemy Number One."

or has Pat Tillman's assassination succeeded in silencing the thinking folks in the military, lest they be shot in the back, too?
Log in | posted 01:53 pm on 07/28/2007
LaC (See profile | I'm a fan of LaC)
Fact check. Tillman was shot 3 times by a 223 in the head and NOT IN THE BACK.
Log in | Parent | posted 03:26 pm on 07/28/2007
sheila (See profile | I'm a fan of sheila)
uh, gee, that really contributes to the conversation. it was metaphorical for the cowardly, back-stabbing nature of the shooting. it wasn't meant to be a forensics report.
Log in | Parent | posted 06:41 pm on 07/28/2007
jashu51 (See profile | I'm a fan of jashu51)
This murder theory is really not out of the question. After all, Tillman kept a diary (maybe should call it a journal, diary might be considered "girly") and that journal was never supposedly found and returned to the family as it should have been. Where did it go---especially if it was critical of the war?
Log in | posted 01:54 pm on 07/28/2007
brotherjonah (See profile | I'm a fan of brotherjonah)
Neither Diaries nor Journals are permitted in war zones, since World War 2. If he did, it would be considered illegal.

There's a reason for it, if your diary is taken off your dead body, and you have descriptions of all the places you've been recently (like in the previous year or two) then you also have a nice chronological list of where your DIVISION has been.

But, yeah, it still gets done, a good question on that issue would be: with Tillman being shot like that, and Dr Laura Schlesinger's son posting what he did to YouTube and MySpace, would that be the REAL reason YouTube and MySpace are off the menu on the .mil servers?

Because Dr. Laura's son has been one of the "poster child" icons for the far right as well.

Also these things were what broke the Haditha story.
Log in | Parent | posted 04:34 pm on 07/28/2007
gwr72 (See profile | I'm a fan of gwr72)
Isn't it time for some for men and women of honor from both sides of the congress to finally say enough is enough. We have allowed this adminstration to lie, cheat and steal from the American people. Party loyality be damn, we are dangerously close to destroying America and even the world. Nothing this stupid, arrogant president proposes or does surprises.
Log in | posted 02:09 pm on 07/28/2007
MasterPierpont (See profile | I'm a fan of MasterPierpont)
Log in | posted 02:19 pm on 07/28/2007
KeysDan (See profile | I'm a fan of KeysDan)
It seems that many are concerned with being labeled a conspiracy nut, but from the little we do know there is a conspiracy of silence (a secret agreement to keep silent about a situation to protect self-interests). The changing of stories, the medical report, the immediate burning of the uniform, the stonewalling by the military and the Bush administration, infer a conspiracy. The depths and reasons for this conspiration are what remains to be discovered. Let's not give "conspiracy" a bad name, but rather, let's seek to determine the underlying wrongful acts perpetrated by many in secret agreement.
Log in | posted 02:19 pm on 07/28/2007
waiguoren (See profile | I'm a fan of waiguoren)
Why must you who comment on all these atrocities always feel compelled to make certain you get in a phrase such as "our fine military" or somesuch?
Ae you afraid you'll not be considered properly patriotic if you fail to do so?

Log in | posted 02:27 pm on 07/28/2007
PapaJim (See profile | I'm a fan of PapaJim)
There most certainly is a conspiracy regarding the death of Pat Tillman. What is not yet known to his family and the general public is just how ugly the conspiracy is and how far up the chain of command it goes.

Yes, people do comment on the quality of our military. And yes, sometimes it is to avoid being labeled unpatriotic. More often though it is to draw a clear distinction between the war and the warrior.

One can be very supportive of the troops fighting and dying in our name and still be completely against the war. Your questions demonstrate your inability to comprehend the concept.

Log in | Parent | posted 04:36 pm on 07/28/2007
waiguoren (See profile | I'm a fan of waiguoren)
Here's a concept for you:
So long as you buy into the absurdity that the "troops" are "fighting and dying in our name," that's exactly how long you remain quite the deceived young whippersnapper, deluded into imagining he can indeed tell the dancer from the dance.
Log in | Parent | posted 05:41 pm on 07/28/2007
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