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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Camera Obscura

DOES NAYONE REMEMBER that episode of Rod Serling's Night Gallery? I don't, as I'm not sure I ever saw it, but my brother Bob was a big fan of that show and I can remember him sometimes saying, "Camera Obscura," with one raised eyebrow and an arch tone in his voice. At any rate today I received via FedEx (people are always sending me things, which I love) a pinhole camera from my dear friend Chris in California (now in Virginia). Astonishingly it is made of paper, and came from a kit. It's amazingly intricate, with bellows and everything (see pic). When I asked Chris how long it took to assemble it and put it together (first he had to create all the various parts from paper, then put them all together) he said several years. Oi! He said after that, "It was kind of fun, actually." He certainly has more patience than I do. After he put it together he didn't really use it, and I've always wanted a pinhole camera, having been fascinated by them for years, so he sent it to me. I will show off my new pix here after I take a few. There isn't a lens in a pinhole camera, only a tiny hole that lets in light and shines it against film or photographic paper. It doesn't focus so essentailly everything is in focus; the effects can be varied and almost ghostly. Can't wait to try it.

Speaking of pics, I was down Nahant last night to visit Mike, Carol, and Will, with my Mom and sister Peggy. We had a great time, fabulous dinner, and wonderful walk, during which Peggy and I met the delightful Irving Rusk of Scotland, who now lives in one of the massive houses on the water on a bit of a promontory. He had dropped his car keys between the seat and the console and couldn't reach them, so we hooked him up. A delightful man. The point is, I took some nice pictures of Will, and here's one of them.


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