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Monday, June 25, 2007

Animal News-Save the Southwest Wolves

MY NEPHEW CHRISTIAN (Peggy's oldest boy, who lives with his wife Regina in Atkinson, NH) was out working in his yard a week ago Saturday. When he came in he had a tic attached to his leg (something I am quite familiar with). He pulled it off. This past Saturday he noticed a very large red halo (sign of a tic bite that has passed the Lime Tick Virus) on his back-- not on his leg where rthe tic bite originally was. After a few nightmarish experiences at two dofferent hospitals (he was suffering from dizziness, nausea, fever, etc)he is being treated for Lime Disease (thirty days of antibiotics) but it appears the bite on his back was from a Hermit Spider, and it is now six inches in circumfrance and growing, and turning purple-- he is quite ill. So we are praying for him.

God takes care of fools and babies, as my mother says. It is part of my (almost) daily routine to pull tics off me during spring and fall and I actually name the variosu spiders taking up residence at Chez Moi. Oi.

There was no sign of the turkeys today. I left out cracked corn and acorns, but the squirrels and chipmunks got the corn and the blue jay got the acorns-- at least while I was watching.

In other news some idiot US Rep from New Mexico (Republican, of course) is introducing a rider to a bill tomorrow which would end protection for the 59 remaining wolves in the desert southwest. What is up with the continual Republican assault on the environment and our wildlife? (Speaking of which, see today's Supreme Court Decisions-- ALL of them 5-4). I have a theory-- it goes beyond just normal corporate greed I think and involves some kind of deep-seated, occasionally Bible-thumping view of Creation as being evil and full of nasty, icky things, and requiring 'Man' to come and 'cleanse' this fecund foulness. The ol' Subdue and Go Forth and Multiply thing. How tragic and deadly an attitude this is! Just ask the animals. I would so love to see our Native Americans running our departments of Land Management, the EPA, Fish and Wildlife, etc. After all, they more or less did for 10,000 years, and when Europeans came here it was still 'virgin' in there eyes. We've had it for 400 years now and look what we've done.

Anyway here is the story on the wolves, from Defenders of Wildlife. PLEASE email your rep and ask him/her to oppose this insane legislation:

Save the Lobo!

With just 59 remaining in the wild, America’s southwest wolves (sometimes called “lobos”) are in big trouble. Now some anti-wolf extremists want Congress to abandon efforts to save them.

Email your Representative right now and urge him or her to oppose efforts to eliminate funding for the southwest wolf recovery program. A vote on the issue is expected tomorrow, so please take action now!

Myth: “Nothing is more attractive to a wolf than the sound of a crying baby.” Representative Steve Pearce (NM)

Fact: There is not one documented case of a healthy, wild wolf killing a human in the United States. In fact, you are more likely to be killed by a meteorite than a wild wolf.

Help stop the lies. Take action now to save wolves.

Dear Joe,

Can you imagine the southwest without wolves? You might have to if Representative Steve Pearce (NM) is successful in his bid tomorrow to end the federal recovery program for southwest wolves.

Urge your U.S. Representative to oppose efforts to end the southwest wolf recovery program. Congress is expected to vote on the future of southwest wolves tomorrow, so please take action now.

In one of the great conservation accomplishments of the 20th century, the “lobo” was reintroduced to New Mexico and Arizona in 1998 after being driven to extinction in the wild during the early part of the last century.

These captive-bred wolves and their wild offspring have done well -- forming packs, hunting elk, pairing up and having pups. Left alone, these wolves thrive. Unfortunately, they’ve struggled against local opposition, illegal killing and mismanagement.

Just 59 southwest wolves now remain, and some in Congress want to end federal efforts to save them.

An amendment expected to be offered tomorrow by Representative Steve Pearce (NM) would eliminate funding for the southwest wolf reintroduction program -- completely ending the program and dooming the wolves to extinction.

In preparation for the vote, Pearce and his anti-wolf allies have even stooped to spreading misinformation about the southwest wolf recovery program, circulating factually inaccurate reports of wolf attacks. At a recent hearing on the Endangered Species Act, Pearce even made the outrageous statement that “Nothing is more attractive to a wolf than the sound of a crying baby.”

For the record, there is not one documented case of a healthy, wild wolf killing a human in the United States. In fact, you are more likely to be killed by a meteorite than a wild wolf.

Southwest wolves can’t write Congress, but you can.

Help us counter the lies. Take action right now to save Southwest wolves.

I hope you’ll take just a few moments right now to help save this beautiful symbol of the American Southwest.


Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. A vote is expected on this issue in next few hours. Please take action now!

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© Copyright 2007, Defenders of Wildlife

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Defenders of Wildlife is a national, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities.

Defenders of Wildlife can be contacted at:
1130 17th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036


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For scenario in stage, an $eighty therapeutic massage could be acquired by the client for $forty through Groupon, and then Groupon and the retailer would split the $forty. That is, the retailer presents a therapeutic massage valued at $eighty and receives around $20 from Groupon for it (beneath a fifty%/fifty% break up). Or, if $240 benefit of residence portray firms is obtained by the buyer for $fifty via Groupon, then the organization gets $twenty five and Groupon retains $twenty five. The shopper receives the massage, or the residence painting service provider, in these illustrations, from the retailer for which they at very first compensated out $forty (or $fifty) to Groupon. There are specified businesses to which Groupon initially did not supply you its organizations, which involves capturing ranges and strip clubs nevertheless, taking pictures ranges have been highlighted on Groupon.

As opposed to labeled advertising, the support supplier does not shell out any upfront value to just take portion: Groupon collects individual info from geared up buyers and then contacts only those customers, largely by daily digital mail, who could potentially perhaps be intrigued in a particular answer or provider.

Groupon employs a massive volume of copywriters who draft descriptions for the special discounts highlighted by e mail and on the web site. Groupon's promoting textual content for the 'deals' has been noticed as a contributing aspect to the recognition of the web internet site, showcasing a unique blend of total fact-examining and witty humor.

Owing to Groupon's marketplace getting to be mostly composed of girl buyers, the deals are usually centered on the all round wellness, well being and health and splendor marketplaces.

There are potential problems with the enterprise solution. For illustration, a lucrative offer could temporarily swamp a little company with also a whole lot of consumers, jeopardizing a likelihood that customers will be dissatisfied, or that there will not be sufficient answer to satisfy the need. Hole, a huge clothing retailer, was completely ready to handle 445,000 discount coupons in a nationwide deal (regardless of the reality that it seasoned server problems at a solitary level), but a more compact company could change into all of a sudden flooded with consumers. A single coffee shop in Portland, Oregon struggled with an increase in buyers for 3 months, when it supplied around to 1,000 Groupons on the a single day it was introduced, according to a single specific report. In reaction to connected issues, Groupon officers condition that 'deal' subscriptions need to have to be capped in advance to a reasonable sum.

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