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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Northern Red Belly Cooters

I was hiking in Happy Land the other day up around Spot Pond (where I found three vast fields of American Bloodroot (see pic) that hadn't been noted before by the resident botanist of the Fells, Bryan Hamlin) and while I was up there I spotted a whole bunch of turtles, sunning themselves on fallen logs on Quarter Mile Pond. I tried to approach them unawares, but as Fionn was my companion, the element of surprise was lost when he got loose. As you might imagine, the next noise we heard was Plop Plop Plop (as opposed to Liz Taylor's flop flop flop) so I went back two days later without Fionn, and got a really good look at them and some pix. I had assumed they were Painted Turtles-- but no! They were Northern Red Bell Cooters, a magnificent creature and our second largest pond-dwelling turtle here in new England. Yea!

Last night my friend Robbie came by for a while and we were hanging out back watching the stars, and Venus, blazing over the woods, when a whole bunch of bats came out. One zoomed right at us, and I was sure he was going to hit me in the face, when at the last minute his sonar must have kicked in and he took the necessary evasive action. I am so pleased the woods out back are that wild, that they support bats. They are amazing to watch. Not too much else to report, except that the narrator of my current novel has changed (after 200 pages-- oi) so we have to rewrite the whole thing. But I think it will be a better book as a result. This revelation came to me in a dream, recalling Jung's words (and Petey's) that God/Skovo speaks to us chiefly in dreams.


Blogger R. C. said...

I love bats....when I walk Elsie, at dusk in the park out back, we suddenly see these dark forms zooming about....especially over the empty soccer field. They're cool.

6:40 PM  
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