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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Computer Withdrawl

MY COMPUTER HAS BEEN ON THE FRITZ since last Wednesday when I came home to find it on permanent standby, as it were-- not so good, as my grandmother would say. So I have been checking email and such like at the library (where I am back in the good graces after having returned two books on tape (a nine-cassette Corelli's Mandolin, and a two cassette 'In Your Garden' with Gertrude Jekyll, who lays down the law in typical Mrs. Peacock, British fashion on, among other things, pruning: "Step back after you have finished. If you are shocked by what you have done, you've done it correctly.") Alas, these items were due in October of 2005-- at which time (or a month before, to be accurate) I took out five items and thought I had returned them all. But no! As a recent cleaning out of my attic revealed. What does one say when one is almost two years late in returning things? What did I say? Well, we'd best leave that to the imagination, the power of Irish Blarney, and the kindness of that wonderful Jungian archtype, the somewhat clumsy, bad-postured, wall-eyed, amazingly kind and helpful female librarian of a certain age. I got away with only having to pay $3.10 (down from $28.something, which, we both agreed, was too much). This is at the Robbins Library, by the way, in Arlington, Massachusetts, my favorite (or one of my favorite) libraries in the world. (Not that I've been to Bibliotecke Russe or anything.) The library here in Stoneham (though there is, of course, no such thing as a bad library) is fairly pedestrian and fluorescently depressing-- but then they keep cutting the budget, and the cheap, unenlightened people in this town never approve the tax overrides, and libraries and education suffer as a result. There is no better investment a community, or an individual, can make, than education. But now Stoneham High School is on the verge of losing its accredidation-- the kids get soulless McJobs, don't go to college, hang out, do drugs, etc. Well, maybe the gays will decide to move in and straighten this town out. So to speak.
Today is my birthday and I am celebrating by not writing (although I love to write) and doing errands and soon I will return home to take a nap before Vonn picks me up for the gym. A few of my friends are taking me out for dinner tonight, and I'm looking forward to that. This morning Fionn and I took a hike over by Spot Pond, and we saw some wonderful things (despite the fact that it's only 48 for a high today, gray and sullen) to wit: tons of warblers newly arrived from the tropics; a great blue heron; a few baltimore orioles; lots of Canadian geese, some with young fuzzy-headed goslings in tow; and a coyote, stalking a goose in the woods. He was beautiful-- light colored, fast as lightning, and bristling with wariness. We took him unawares. On the way back to the car we got too close, apparently, to two geese with four young'uns, and the male (I think) took a hissing lunge at me and Fionn, wings outspread and making the most ghastly noises. Fionn did the provident thing and promptly put it in reverse, and hid behind Daddy. I don't think he knew what to make of the thing. Everything is in full bloom now, and I picked a mess of wild honeysuckle (or honeysuckle gone wild, probably) and purple lilacs. My computer withdrawl is assuaged by such things. I was a hold-out for this whole computer business, and when I finally got one, Vonn (who helped me buy it and set it up) said, "You won't be able to imagine how you ever lived without one." Damn it he was right-- but there is something very nice about not having it, too. It's less distracting and one doesn't waste so much time emailing (not that emailing is always a waste of time) or reading news or playing Text Twist.
Well, my time is almost up here at the library's computer, so I best away. Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday, and I'll get back to posting regularly on the blog once I get my computer straightened out.


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