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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Annual Baby Seal Hunt

I usually post something every year on here about one of the most barbarous things we do to animals-- and, alas, there is much competition for this dubious title-- the annual Canadian Seal Pup Hunt. This is one of those things that, like slavery, endangered species protection, global warming, etc, eventually reaches a tipping point of public outrage-- but still the hunt goes on. This is from the International Fund for Animal Welfare site. Please help if you can-- at the very least, please spread the word and join the boycott. And the pic, graphic I know, shows a baby seal trying to get away after it's been shot.

Canada’s Seal Hunt: Cruel and Unnecessary
As humans we have the ability to consciously treat other living beings with respect and dignity. It is this ability, this choice, that makes us human. Simply put, the Canadian seal hunt fails this choice miserably. Canada’s commercial seal hunt cannot be effectively regulated to ensure humane treatment and prevent cruelty.
How long can we continue to ignore such cruelty in the name of commercial profit?
Seal pups remain helpless and vulnerable on the ice for several weeks. It is during this same time when seals only two weeks to three months old are also mercilessly slaughtered for their pelts.
The truth about the seal hunt will break your heart.
Our humanity is measured by how we care for the vulnerable among us. What is more vulnerable than a newborn seal pup, stranded helpless and alone on the ice? A baby seal can be legally killed once it molts its white fur, which usually begins at about 12 days of age. The small, unprotected newborn of any species should not be preyed upon, never mind bludgeoned with a club. Seals are routinely clubbed or shot and left to suffer on the ice, then dragged over the sides of boats with sharpened metal hooks. Few sealers are observed checking to see if a seal is still alive before they skin it.
Canadian tax dollars at work
The Canadian government claims that the hunt is market-driven and economically viable. The fact is that sealing is a very small enterprise, accounting for less than one percent of Newfoundland’s GDP and an average income of $1,000 per sealer per year. And significant amounts of money continue to be spent by Canada through hidden subsidies to promote the hunt abroad, as well as to develop new markets for seal products. The federal government has subsidized the commercial seal hunt in many ways over the years, from direct subsidies to sealers and their organizations, to tax exemptions and federally funded support services during the hunt, including Coast Guard ships and ice breakers. The market is driven … by Canada’s government itself.
There is no excuse
The products of the hunt are an unnecessary luxury. Most of the harp seal carcasses (including the meat) are simply abandoned on the ice. This isn’t killing for food or survival, it’s killing for fashion. Despite years of research by the Canadian government trying to develop new seal products, the only economically valuable parts of the seal are the pelts of defenseless seal pups, a non-essential luxury product no one really needs. In many countries, this hunt would be completely illegal.
There is no economic or environmental reason to justify this hunt. It is driven by politics. World experts agree that the size of this hunt puts the harp seal population at risk and the increasingly high annual quota for hunting seals is regularly exceeded by sealers. More than a million harp seals have been killed over the past three years, yet the majority of Canadians oppose the commercial seal hunt as it exists today. This hunt isn’t about helping Newfoundlanders. It's an unsustainable economic dead end that puts Canada's international reputation and tourism industry at risk.
Visit the IFAW website to learn more about Canada's seal hunt
What can you do?
Many people mistakenly think Canada stopped hunting baby seals decades ago. As many seals are killed today as during the 1950s and 60s when overhunting significantly pushed seals down the road towards extinction. You helped raise a global outcry that stopped the killing of whitecoat baby seals in the 1980s. But Canada’s politicians have since used subsidies to expand the hunt again in order to win favor with the fishing industry.
That’s why it’s imperative you speak out now. We must show Canada that the world does care and will no longer stand for such animal cruelty. Please take a moment now to:
Take Action: Five Ways to Stop Canada’s Seal Hunt
Tell a friend to speak out against the seal hunt
Learn why Canada's seal hunt is NOT "acceptably humane"


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