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Friday, July 07, 2006

Garden Update Coming! Fourth of July, Sigh

Hi All, It's been a long time since I last posted-- busy with this and that. My 'Hardy Boys' mystery is coming along, and Map of the Harbor Islands (my first novel) has been given a release date of September 26. Now, we just have to get the cover straightened out...

I've never been a huge fan of the Fourth of July, or jingoism in general, and more so (or less so) since this current nightmare of an Administration has been in (usurped and election-thieving) power.

That being said, sister Peg visited this past weekend and we spent much of our time down in village-like, sea-girt Nahant (or 'Nawshant,' as I call it in my current book, where my mystery is set) home to 3200 souls including my youngest brother Mike, sister-in-law Carol, and their utterly adorable and life-affirming son (my godson!) Will Malachy Hayes. Monday night saw Will in his first parade, namely 'The Horribles,' a very old tradition in Nahant that reminded me of nothing more than the Irish lads who go 'On the Wren,' (or used to anyway) in rural Ireland on Saint Stephen's Day (December 26). Young children adorn themselves in weird costume, and parade about a mile down the street, to the accompaniment of a rag-timey band decked out in Dr. Seussian, Cat-in-the-Hat like regalia. No one could tell me its origins, but humans have long had the need to deck out in costume and go a little nuts. Virtually all primitive cultures were aware of the truth that, to retain one's sanity, one occasionally needs to go a little bananas, and thus we see in the long annals of history, fertility rites, harvest homes, ritual dances, Carnival, Ghost Dances, Halloween, Mardi Gras, and the like. (I had suggested to some of the neighbors of Mike and Carol that we all mark Carol's 40th Birthday party by dressing in Louis XIV costume, but alas, it came to naught, and instead there was a cookout and bonfire on the beach while people drank beer and someone played horrible classic rock music that made conversation impossible....but I digress.)

Anyway here are some pictures of Will as 'Horrible.' He was dressed as (according to Carol, who had to fill out a name for his costume with the parade organizers) 'Patriotic Little Dude.' God knows, we can use a few of them. I promise I will post some garden pix later today.


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