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Friday, July 07, 2006

Garden Pics as Promised

This is the new garden I made this year. It runs along the front wall of the front yard, cheeck-to-jowl with roaring Main Street-- I am trying to make my peace with Main Street. I love most that people stop and talk when I'm out there, and admire the plants; I hope too that those driving by will give a look and have their day brightened, and then think about the environment, and then vote Democractic this fall, and for every fall forever...okay, it's a leap, I admit....
Okay so here we have a view of the garden looking down Main Street; looking up Main Street; my Hyperion Daylilies (the yellow ones); Stargazer Lilies (with the the intense fragrance-- the dark pink and white ones); a nice combo (the gray foliage plant whose name, alas, escapes me, and an intensely Prussian Blue petunia); and my pride and joy, one of the 'Envy' (green-flowered) Zinnias I raised from seed-- just about to bloom! There's about a dozen of these scattered throughout the garden. Usually perennial gardens don't do much their first year, but I must say I'm very pleased at their progress thus far...not shown are my milkweed, which I also raised from seed-- they are coming along, albeit VERY other two gardens are at the the front door (pansies in pots, and veggies) and tons of pots going down the very long 'Stairway to Heaven' out my back door. More pics of them to come...


Blogger bekkieann said...

Great pics and great blog. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have some of same plants in my garden, many day lilies blooming their hearts out right now, bee balm, daisies, of course Russian sage and hyssop due to our dry climate, coreopsis, black-eyed Susans, dianthas, oh what have I forgotten? I feel some kinship and surely understand the need to create a buffer not only with the passing traffic but also with a crazy crazy world.

10:34 PM  
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