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Saturday, March 11, 2006

They're Up!

The first of the seeds I started this week are up. Any guesses? I assumed it might be the Morning Glories, as one has to soak them first untril they begin to sprout, as their seed cases are so hard. Nope. It's the Zinnias! Zinnia 'Envy' to be specific. (The green flower in the pic at left.) Zinnias are a flower native to Mexico-- they are named after Johann Gottfriend Zinn (1727-1759, a German Botanist-- wow, he only lived to be 22. The plant has an 'old fashioned' name as well-- 'Youth and Old Age,' because as the old flowers make seed and fade, they lose their color and become withered looking, while new flowers are forming all around it.

Mother Nature not being caught in the act again-- today I began doing some Spring Cleaning after our morning walk, and each time I walked by the zinnias (they are three trays of nine for a total of twenty-seven), nothing. But i had a feeling it would be today. Then I walked by a minute later and POP! one was up. Then two. Then three-- and now there are...let me there are four. Yay! This is old seed, so I wasn't sure how fecund it would be-- but so far, so good. I remember reading a few years ago about a lotus seed that Chinese botanists successfully germinated, at it was like 3000 years old or something. Such is life!

This week I saw 'The New World,' a story about the founding of the Jamestown Colony in 1607 in Virginia-- 399 years ago-- and more specifically about the relationship between Pochahantas, a princess of the Native People, and Captain John Smith, and, later, her relationship with John Rolfe. I love history, which is why I wanted to see it, but I was expecting something run of the mill and rather 'Hollywood.' But it was truly one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a long time. Colin Farrell was okay, but I thought the woman who played Pocahontas (QiOrianka Kilcher) was extraordinary-- and Christian Bale was his usual adorable self. But the director is the real star of this film, Terrence Malleck, and the cinemaphotography (which won the Oscar int hat category alst week) was breathtaking. To me the most successful part of the film was the depiction of Native life-- without being patronizing or viewing the Natives as 'children,' it hints at what life must have been like before the world began turning gray, and we were yoked to the roaring engine that drags us further and further from ourt natural and harnmonious beginnings.


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